Bölüm Duyuruları 14 February 2024
Library Resources User Training (2023-24 Spring)
Dear Students, You can access the library user training calendar organized by our university from the file and relevant link below and save it in your calendar. You can also access the video recording…
Bölüm Duyuruları 17 August 2023
Announcement About The Change in The Lesson Plan
Dear Students, Some changes were made in the undergraduate program of our department. On different pages of the attached table, new courses added to the lesson plan, elective/required changes, credit/…
Bölüm Duyuruları 4 January 2024
Curriculum (2023-24 Spring Semester)
Dear Students, 2023-24 Spring Semester undergraduate course schedule has been published. You can access the course schedule from the attached files. We wish you success in your classes.