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Our mission is to Technological and scientific developments in the field of computer and information that can follow, competent, creative, have the power of scientific production, which accepts the basis of science and experiment, participants have the power of digital and academic thinking, learning, learn, not afraid of taking responsibility for undergraduate and graduate level training individuals and technology and science, internationally generated knowledge-producing and contributing a chapter is to transform the social and industrial benefits. Vision SAU aims to be a pioneer and leader in computer engineering education. Research and development laboratory infrastructure and research and development to develop the potential. Contemporary developments and technological research, development and training infrastructure to quickly and continuously improve. The purpose of the first degree, computer science and computer technology to become a power producer to follow more closely the developments in the computer section, the basic infrastructure of all the units in accordance with the purpose to create and refresh periodically. Increasingly important, especially to study Computer Engineering to create interactive educational infrastructure and technical equipment, tools and equi… All >>